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la mallorquina — branding

Design Series is a new line
of design products

La Mallorquina, Catalan brand of home clothing founded in 1947, strengthens with this initiative the link with the city and the support to the creativity and talent made in Barcelona.

Ten authors, a collection and a good cause

For this first limited edition, curated by the studio, we selected 10 illustrators from Barcelona who have created an exclusive design that conveys positivity and enthusiasm. In addition, the action has allocated 20% of the profits to the Casa dels Xuclis.

  • Sergio Mora | ESIETE
    Sergio Mora
  • Olga Capdevila | ESIETE
    Olga Capdevila
  • Conrad Roset | ESIETE
    Conrad Roset
  • Joana Santamans | ESIETE
    Joana Santamans
  • Chamo San | ESIETE
    Chamo San
  • Javi Royo | ESIETE
    Javi Royo
  • Lapin | ESIETE
  • Julia Solans | ESIETE
    Julia Solans
  • Miguel Bustos | ESIETE
    Miguel Bustos
  • Los Xuclis | ESIETE
    Los Xuclis

¡Hasta los cojines!

Presentation act at the Galería Cromo on June 28.

Identity, art direction, packaging...

The result of the constant effort of the brand to maintain the leadership in the home sector of Barcelona. We are proud of the trust it places in us to reposition its brand, enhance its discourse and bring it closer to new scenarios.

  • La Mallorquina Website | ESIETE

    La Mallorquina Website

  • La Mallorquina Newspapers | ESIETE

    La Mallorquina Newspapers

  • La Mallorquina Perfumes | ESIETE

    La Mallorquina Perfumes

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