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bankrobber — branding


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  • Music album cover containing an upside down photograph of a man lying on the ground next to two big speakers. From record label Bankrobber Barcelona
  • Bankrobber

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  • <span><span>Repetitive animation where different vinyl designs are presented for Bankrobber. Designed by the branding and communication studio.</span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl of the artist Guillamino from the record label company BANKROBBER. </span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl of MAZONI, EUPHORIA 5 HOPE 0 of the discographyBANKROBBER. Designed by the branding and communication studio.</span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl of ESPERIT THE LUMINOUS from THE RECORD LABEL BANKROBBER.</span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl cover of SANJOSEX FESTIVAL from&nbsp; BANKROBBER RECORD LABEL</span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl cover of TEMPLE D'AIGUA I LLUM, ISAACULAM AND JOSE DOMINGO from the record label BANKROBBER.</span></span>
  • <span><span>Vinyl cover of THE GRAMPOHONE ALLSTARS BIG BAND, SOUL BRAND by the music record label BANKROBBER.</span></span>
    • <span><span>A girl looking down with a yellow and blue light motion blur effect from Bankrobber.</span></span>
    • <span><span>Black and white album cover showing different bands and artists with their instruments. From record label Bankrobber.</span></span>
  • <span><span>Fotograf&iacute;a del local de Bankrobber, con un hombre abriendo la puerta. Dise&ntilde;ado por el estudio esiete de branding y comunicaci&oacute;n.</span></span>
  • <span><span>BANKROBBER Merch sweatshirt contains the BR logo and the quote &ldquo;My Daddy was a bank robber but he never hurt nobody he just loved to live that way and he loved to steal your money&rdquo;. designed by Esiete branding and communication studio/agency Barcelona Spain.</span></span>
  • <span><span>A man with two vinyl from BANKROBBER's discography in his hand. Designed by the branding and communication studio.</span></span>

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