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graphic design

viajes planeta azul — branding

Viajes Planeta Azul,
world and apart

The exclusive travel agency designs with passion from DF - and soon from South Africa - tailor-made experiences. The redesign of the brand, now circular, references the planet, the passport stamp and, why not, the trip, which always gives a small inside loop to those who have the luck to live it.

Take the adventure home

The trips change you and leave their mark, the -honest- applications reinforce that concept, being also useful so that the experience doesn't only remains in the memory.

In the image and likeness of a wonderful world.

All the image of Viajes Planeta Azul gains momentum, from the excellent photography and videos of Mikel and Silvia, to the illustrations by Anna Solsona. First level content of which still remains much to discover.

Immerse yourself in the experience

The digital channels concentrate the fruit of all that effort to plan an excellent trip and to know how to narrate it. Technology and content reinforcing the immersive nature of that wonderful adventure that is to come.

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