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santa barba — branding

The care your beard deserves. Santa Barba, ethic cosmetic

Santa Barba promotes strong ethical principles with products that respect the environment, and are 100% natural, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. In a sector in vogue such as cosmetics for the care of beard, skin and hair, our goal has been to reposition the brand, differentiating it from the competition through its own discourse, highlighting its true values. A clear commitment to lead the market.

Ideas that communicate...

The design is articulated with two objectives. On the one hand, identify and differentiate the brand through the creation of an ad hoc typography that starts from the abstraction of the classic barber comb. It is a simple, clear and timeless design.

In the other, to facilitate the choice of different products (balsam, handmade combs and soaps and shampoos), the packaging reveals the ingredients and the typographic system becomes the main protagonist.


Its concise and forceful decalogue strengthens honest discourse
and reveals the values of the brand.

The founder

The story of Santa Barba is primarily the story of Marwan Labban, a passionate bearded guy who has created the product he could not find on the market.


As part of the strategy, the brand has collaborated with Moritz to create an exclusive product made with this Barcelona beer, generating a link that has favored dissemination and relevance in the media.

Digital platforms

Simple and functional electronic commerce
to facilitate the investment in SEO and SEM.

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