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graphic design

andorra turisme — branding

And type,
more than a typeface, a unique, efficient and flexible language.

Responding to the brief of designing a bespoke typeface for the creation of content and merchandising of Andorra Turisme, we came to a discussion regarding identity. The abbreviation given to Andorra, AND, is powerful when used in English (AND=&), and served as the focal point of an effective, commercial and contemporary system.

A country is defined by his values,
which were the starting point of our inspiration and creativity.

Andorra can be represented by its culture, its people and its way of life, where shopping has always been a driving factor. But Andorra is the land of the Pyrenees, with a privileged mountainous landscape, which has become a point of reference among those who love snow during the winter, and the crystalline water which flows from its lakes and spas in summer.

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Content versatility

In the approaches to application regarding the merchandise, the strategic approach to language is both powerful and easy to apply, with an infinite amount of possibilities. Being descriptive, technical, fun or smart, depending on the concepts that wish to be communicated.

Functional character

The essence of the new typeface takes inspiration from the humanist and geometric typefaces of the first half of the 20th Century. It has a condensed style to facilitate the composition of titles, as well as reduce white space in smaller formats. Developed with technical support from Rafa Goicoechea.

Andorra Turisme | ESIETE
Andorra Turisme | ESIETE

Family is everything

Composed of five styles (water, snow, mountain, culture and lifestyle) to which this system has been applied, with 3 variants in weight to guarantee its effective application in large, medium and smaller formats.

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